Kathy Temean’s interview with Jon Stommel, Z House Stories illustrator

Check out Kathy Temean’s excellent interview with Jon Stommel, illustrator for the Z House Stories. The art work examples are great and this interview helps you appreciate what goes into producing both murals and book illustrations.  “Writing and Illustrating: Sharing Information About Writing and Illustrating for Children”  http://kathytemean.wordpress.com/

1st Place Winner in Mural Contest to “Z House Story” Illustrator

Congratulations to “Z House Stories” illustrators, Travis Czekalski and Jon Stommel. Travis won 1st place in the summer 2012 Clark County Mural Society contest for his design of Chinook Native Americans (mural located at Washington St. & 6th St.). The Mural Society unveiled 3 winning murals to beautify the walls of downtown Vancouver, WA.  Travis, in association with Jon Stommel, produced a rich work of art telling a story of the everyday lifestyle elements along with respected men and women of the tribe.

Noah’s Z House Rendition

My son, Noah, drew his own rendition of the Z House when he was 10 years old (September 17, 1988):

The Z House Illustrators

The illustrators for the Z House Stories are a team of professionals based out of Oregon. Jon Stommel and Travis Czekalski make up the team known as Rather Severe.

Not only are Travis and Jon amazing artists who have contributed their talents to the Z House Stories, but recently they have been working with educators as well by painting murals around school doorways to show cultures in school.

Below are a couple examples of their work:


☛See more of their work here.